108 Names of Shri Ganesha ( Ganapati or Lambodara )

1.AkhurathOne who has Mouse as His Charioteer
2.AlampataEver Eternal Lord
3.AmitIncomparable Lord
4.AnantachidrupamayamInfinite and Consciousness Personified
5.AvaneeshLord of the whole World
6.AvighnaRemover of Obstacles
7.BalaganapatiBeloved and Lovable Child
8.BhalchandraMoon-Crested Lord
9.BheemaHuge and Gigantic
10.BhupatiLord of the Gods
11.BhuvanpatiGod of the Gods
12.BuddhinathGod of Wisdom
13.BuddhipriyaKnowledge Bestower
14.BuddhividhataGod of Knowledge
15.ChaturbhujOne who has Four Arms
16.DevadevaLord of All Lords
17.DevantakanashakarinDestroyer of Evils and Asuras
18.DevavrataOne who accepts all Penances
19.DevendrashikaProtector of All Gods
20.DharmikOne who gives Charity
21.DhoomravarnaSmoke-Hued Lord
22.DurjaInvincible Lord
23.DvaimaturaOne who has two Mothers
24.EkaaksharaHe of the Single Syllable
25.EkadantaSingle-Tusked Lord
26.EkadrishtaSingle-Tusked Lord
27.EshanputraLord Shiva’s Son
28.GadadharaOne who has The Mace as His Weapon
29.GajakarnaOne who has Eyes like an Elephant
30.GajananaElephant-Faced Lord
31.GajananetiElephant-Faced Lord
32.GajavakraTrunk of The Elephant
33.GajavaktraOne who has Mouth like an Elephant
34.GanadhakshyaLord of All Ganas
35.GanadhyakshinaLeader of All The Celestial Bodies
36.GanapatiLord of All Ganas
37.GaurisutaThe Son of Gauri (Parvati)
38.GuninaOne who is The Master of All Virtues
39.HaridraOne who is Golden Colored
40.HerambaMother’s Beloved Son
41.KapilaYellowish-Brown Colored
42.KaveeshaMaster of Poets
43.KritiLord of Music
44.KripaluMerciful Lord
45.KrishapingakshaYellowish-Brown Eyed
46.KshamakaramPlace of Forgiveness
47.KshipraOne who is easy to Appease
48.LambakarnaLarge-Eared Lord
49.LambodaraThe Huge Bellied Lord
50.MahabalaEnormously Strong Lord
51.MahaganapatiOmnipotent and Supreme Lord
52.MaheshwaramLord of The Universe
53.MangalamurtiAll Auspicious Lord
54.ManomayWinner of Hearts
55.MrityuanjayaConqueror of Death
56.MundakaramaAbode of Happiness
57.MuktidayaBestower of Eternal Bliss
58.MusikvahanaOne who has Mouse as Charioteer
59.NadapratithishtaOne who Appreciates and Loves Music
60.NamasthetuVanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins
61.NandanaLord Shiva’s Son
62.NideeshwaramGiver of Wealth and Treasures
63.OmkaraOne who has the Form of OM
64.PitambaraOne who has Yellow-Colored Body
65.PramodaLord of All Abodes
66.PrathameshwaraFirst Among All
67.PurushThe Omnipotent Personality
68.RaktaOne who has Red-Colored Body
69.RudrapriyaBeloved of Lord Shiva
70.SarvadevatmanAcceptor of All Celestial offerings
71.SarvasiddhantaBestower of Skills and Wisdom
72.SarvatmanProtector of The Universe
73.HambhaviThe Son of Parvati
74.ShashivarnamOne who has a Moon like Complexion
75.ShoorpakarnaLarge-Eared Lord
76.ShubanAll Auspicious Lord
77.ShubhagunakananOne who is The Master of All Virtues
78.ShwetaOne who is as Pure as the White Color
79.SiddhidhataBestower of Success and Accomplishments
80.SiddhipriyaBestower of Wishes and Boons
81.SiddhivinayakaBestower of Success
82.SkandapurvajaElder Brother of Skanda (Lord Kartikeya)
83.SumukhaAuspicious Face
84.SureshwaramLord of All Lords
85.SwaroopLover of Beauty
87.UddandaNemesis of Evils and Vices
88.UmaputraThe Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)
89.VakratundaCurved Trunk Lord
90.VaraganapatiBestower of Boons
91.VarapradaGranter of Wishes and Boons
92.VaradavinayakaBestower of Success
93.VeeraganapatiHeroic Lord
94.VidyavaridhiGod of Wisdom
95.VighnaharaRemover of Obstacles
96.VignahartaDemolisher of Obstacles
97.VighnarajaLord of All Hindrances
98.VighnarajendraLord of All Obstacles
99.VighnavinashanayaDestroyer of All Obstacles and Impediments
100.VigneshwaraLord of All Obstacles
101.VikatHuge and Gigantic
102.VinayakaLord of All
103.VishwamukhaMaster of The Universe
104.VishwarajaKing of the World
105.YagnakayaAcceptor of All Sacred and Sacrificial Offerings
106.YashaskaramBestower of Fame and Fortune
107.YashvasinBeloved and Ever Popular Lord
108.YogadhipaThe Lord of Meditation